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05.16 ON 14/12/12

250 Movie Challenge.

Re watch #40|50 The Lady From Shanghai(1947)


04.52 ON 11/9/12

250 Movie Challenge.

Foreign #23|50

Le Havre(Finland,2011)


09.06 ON 05/8/12

250 Movie Challenge.

Foreign #16|50

God afton,herr Wallenberg(sv.1990) Grade:5

06.13 ON 05/8/12

250 Movie Challenge.

Rewatch #20|50

Shadow of a Doubt(1943) Grade:4.

05.07 ON 12/7/12

250 Movie Challenge.

Foreign #8|50 Notes on a Scandal (UK,2006)


06.49 ON 22/6/12
04.29 ON 08/6/12

250 Movie Meme.

New #23|Manpower(1941)Marlene Dietrich,Edward G.Robinson,George Raft.


12.39 ON 23/4/12

250 Movie Challenge.

Foreign #2.Potiche(France,2010) Grade:3

06.25 ON 20/4/12
The Arrangement (1969).

The Arrangement (1969).

Ok,my thoughts on Tim Burtons Thin Man idea.

 My thoughts on the remake of The Thin Man by Tim Burton:

I find it an impossible task to make a new Thin Man.I can´t see Johnny Depp make anything but a disaster with the role(can´t he play anyhting but gimmicky roles anymore?) And Nora Charles well,there is only one Mrs.Charles and that is Ms.Loy.I think Hollywood leave little to be desirable these days and they should leave well enough alone for once.Instead of take well written classics they should focus on better material such as scripts,actors and directors.There is sadly nothing worth watching coming from “new Hollywood” anymore other than  Botox fillers and anorexia(and that´s not even funny).Who did they think would portray Nora Charles?(my mind goes blank here).No no one can scrunch their nose like Myrna Loy´s Nora.No one can be witty,smart,funny and a bit tipsy like William Powell.Let´s face it;The Powell is the Charles family.End.of.story.

The Thin Man.

04.55 ON 09/4/12